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Where the Wind Comes from

short visual poem by RRRR+A
late stage of postproduction


Love, or how nothingness provokes chaos and creates life.

A short visual poem by Soňa Jelínková (RRRR+A) created by hand drawing. Everything that appears in the film exists on multiple levels, as a symbol, as a metaphor, as an association, as a sign, as a gesture, as a reference.


Original title: Odkud přichází vítr
Length: 16 min
Country: Czech Republic
Produced by: Cinémotif Films
With the support of: Czech Film Fund
Animation: hand draw, 2D
Original language: no dialogue


Writer, Director & Editor: Soňa Jelínková (RRRR+A)
Producers: Martina Netíková, Tomáš Michálek
Music: Filip Míšek, Dominik Dolejší, Ladbuch, Tomáš Merta
Sound: Dominik Dolejší
Art Cooperation: Tomáš Merta, Pavel Žáček